September 17, 2008

Looking for the loop holes.

As I have mentioned before, my dog is pretty special to me. He has been my companion through cancer, recovery and beyond. He is great. He is excited to see me every time I come in the door, no matter how long I have been away.

I think we can learn a lot from a dog like Jake. He is loyal to his master. We all know dogs that are not loyal. The "runners" who will bolt given even the smallest of gaps in the fence or door. The kind of dogs that will sniff out every inch of the perimeter fence just looking for a way out. Jake is not that dog. He is not looking for a way out, he is looking out the front window waiting on me. That's right, he may run around the house and out the dog door briefly, but for the most part, his day is spent looking for me. Patiently waiting on his master.

As a believer I think we all spend a little time looking for the loop holes or the short-cuts in the Christian walk. Instead of focusing on the master, we get sidetracked on issues that distract us. Where is your focus? Where is your loyalty?