September 10, 2008

Devour the instruction book.

So...I just got a new cell phone the other night. You know how it goes. You were all familiar and happy with your old one. Finding the buttons was no problem, even in the dark. If you are like me, you have even used the glow from your phone to make your way to the restroom in the night. I knew all the functions that my phone was capable of and could easily and quickly maneuver around its menu screen, set special rings for all my friend, use my calendar, set alarms and I knew just how long it would beep with a low battery till it died. Familiar.

Then I got a NEW phone. I can't even answer it without stressing over which button to push. There was no way I could figure out all the features on it flying blind...I had to READ THE BOOK. I didn't just read the book, I devoured it. I dug through to figure out how to send and receive texts and calls. I am still figuring out the camera and other cool features. I have put the book down now. I got what I needed and the book will be put away, unless I somehow lock it up and can't get the keypad to work again. Now that I have the basics down, I can ask others who have my same phone how do do some of the higher tech things.

After the big night at the phone store I pulled out my Bible to prepare for a lesson and thought about the previous hours. I "needed" information from the phone's instruction manual and I could not think about anything else until I figure out the basic functions. I thought about the analogy as I opened the ultimate life instruction manual and draped it across my lap to study.

How many times do we truly devour the scripture to find the answers in life. Do we just get our basics of "salvation" and then chat it up with our friends over coffee to get the higher tech issues resolved?

Our church is gong through 50 days of focus on God's Glory and through it my passion for devouring the instruction manual has been renewed. I want to have my facts straight before my next cup of coffee. the new enV2.


Anonymous said...

Jehovah over a cup of java.
Count me in.